On to Wild Arms!

Wild Arms was originally released for the Playstation in Japan on December 20, 1996 and was translated and released for the United States roughly 4 months later. It has been a popular series, spawning a sequel for the Playstation and two more sequels for the Playstation 2. Also released for the Playstation 2 was Wild Arms Alter Code: F which is a remake of the original Wild Arms game. Wild Arms had the fortune to be released in the U.S. several months before the juggernaut that was Final Fantasy VII.

My experience with the Wild Arms series is very limited. I did buy Wild Arms 3 for the PS2 and played it for about 10 hours (maybe even less) but was never able to focus on it much and I quickly lost steam. What I remember about it was a cool setting that was a combination of fantasy, sci-fi and westerns. Westerns? Saddle up gents!

A quick glance at the original Wild Arms shows that this mish-mash setting was present from the very first installment. I don’t know why but I really like the idea of a western-tinted RPG, even if it’s just Spaghetti Western inspired music. As far as presentation, its graphics are bitmapped sprites which shift to a 3D field during battles. There appear to be only three characters which will be a nice change of pace from the vast and unwieldy cast of Suikoden.


I already played through the openings for the three main characters so I’ll have a write-up on that either tomorrow or Tuesday. I will say that my initial impressions are positive as the game appears to add a few unusual twists on the standard RPG formula.

More to come…