From what I can tell there are three major characters in Wild Arms. Although you can choose which character you want to play first I decided to go with Rudy the Outcast. He goes into a cave to save a lost boy and ends up fighting a zombie boss. He defeats it with the power of his ARM – a gun of mystical power or something. Anyway it’s against the law and the people were ungrateful and drove him from town. Hence his Outcast status.


Next up was Jack the Treasure Hunter. He has a pet hamster or something that he carries around with him. I had visions of Boo and Minsc from Baldur’s Gate but then Jack’s intro sequence started and suddenly it was like Indiana Jones. He was running from giant stone balls that threatened to crush him, dodging spears and falling into pits. Good stuff and very clever. I actually watched the sequence a couple of times as it was a lot of fun.


And last was Cecelia the Princess. She is a mild mannered girl studying to learn magic in an abbey. She receives a call from a mysterious book and has to find a secret entrance in the abbey which leads to a small dungeon. There she finds the book and it transforms into an evil demon.


Bummer. Anyways she takes him down with repeated use of her fireball spell.

All three characters eventually make their way to the town of Adelhyde and end up meeting each other. The game does do a cool little 24-style picture-in-picture thing where it shows the location of one character while the other is wandering around.


You can see Jack in the upper left corner standing next to the Save Parrot. Yes you talk to a parrot to save your game. Brilliant stuff!