So 3 hours and 28 minutes into Wild Arms and I’m greeted by… the opening credits? Huh? What?


Definitely one of the odder things I’ve seen in a game. Why wait until almost 3 1/2 hours into the game to finally show the opening credits unless… unless… unless this game is absolutely mammoth in length? Uh oh.

One other thing I noticed last night. I started the game up but left it sit on the title screen while I looked for something to drink. All of a sudden an intro sequence started up with characters I’d never seen before talking about cocoons and demons and all sorts of weirdness. Finally they mentioned Arctica and I remembered hearing about “the fall of Arctica” somewhere in the game. Anyway it was an interesting little intro, even though almost none of it made sense to me at this point in the game. And if I hadn’t been thirsty I might never have seen it.