Yes I do. I hate them. According to the manual for Wild Arms there are 8 different status effects that you can have inflicted on you that hang around after the battle. How do you get rid of them? By purchasing 8 different status restoration items of course. Ugh. Well I didn’t do it. I wanted to spend my money on better weapons and armor so screw all those status recovery items. And my plan would have worked until I met these little buggers.


They hit me with a shriek attack that left Rudy “Forgetful” and Cecilia “Silent”. That’s a problem for Cecilia because she is our primary healer. And it’s a problem for Rudy because when you are Forgetful you can not gain any experience. So how do you remove these status effects? Well you remove Forgetfulness by using the intuitively named Toy Hammer and you remove Silence by using the Violet Rose. I didn’t have a Violet Rose but I did get a Toy Hammer from battle so I took care of Rudy. But Cecilia being unable to cast spells is a big problem especially as I can’t heal well and I can’t use my Escape spell to leave the dungeon.

I figured out a bit more of the system tonight as I discovered that when a character dies (like *ahem* Cecilia) then after the battle they have one hit point and can be healed back to maximum health. They also lose any of their abnormal status effects! Cool! I also figured out later that if your characters’ force gauges are filled and they reach Condition Green then that makes their abnormal status disappear.

I also discovered that as your force gauge increases you open up the ability to use summons. I didn’t have them at the beginning of the game as I hadn’t yet helped the Guardian Statues.


They were grateful that my group is going to try to stop the upcoming demon invasion so they granted the ability to summon Guardians into battle. This is pretty typical stuff: you acquire enough force meter and then you unleash an elemental guardian who swoops down in an animated scene and does a lot of damage to the enemy you are fighting. I used them in a boss battle and found them kinda fun.


We tried to help a statue at the top of Mount Zenom but Kermit from earlier showed up and destroyed it before we could aid the statue. We then moved to a scene of an evil dude and the being I’ve heard referred to as Mother.


That’s her in the cocoon there. I assume Mother is the leader of the demon army and the one who’s evil plans we are trying to thwart.  That’s cool because I love thwarting.  I am a master thwarter.