Working steadily on Wild Arms. We just recently vanquished the aptly-named Maze of Death. See we were in the town of Port Timney and one of the guardian statues was on a ship. Well the captain wanted us to enter the Maze of Death to find a precious item called the Crystal Bud. So we ventured into the desert but we of course had to stop and see this odd thing first.


That makes me want to go there of course. Maybe later in the game we’ll get a boat and can check it out but for right now it has to remain out of our reach.

Anyway, into the Maze of Death we wandered around and around and eventually found the Crystal Bud. Taking it triggered the message that the maze was going to self-destruct in 3 minutes. I thought about using the Escape spell but decided to hoof it instead. We made it out with around two minutes to go. No worries, mate.

Back to town and to the captain of the “Sweet Candy”. Yeah that’s a pretty sad name for a seafaring vessel.


I’m not quite sure what happened next. Once we sold the Crystal Bud to the captain, another captain entered and teased the first captain. Then the first captain decided that he was going to need to marry someone and that Cecelia should be the one. She agreed so the next day there was a wedding ceremony.

In the middle of the ceremony we were greeted by this guy.


Where did he come from? Not quite sure but he decided to fight our group and so we handily beat him. I have to say that, compared to Lunar, the bosses in Wild Arms are push-overs. I haven’t really been challenged by any of them so far.

Zed didn’t hack the statue into pieces but instead turned out to be a decoy for a Lady Harken who did in fact hack the statue into pieces.  Great.  And I have the feeling that I haven’t seen the last of Zed.