I finished the Ship Graveyard last night. It sounds like it should be a really cool, monster-filled area (like from Final Fantasy V or Grandia) but it was just a town. We’ll talk about it in a moment but first let me back up and show you this great image of the Big Bad known as Mother talking to her minions.


That’s hardcore. I laughed out loud when I read that. It’s one of those moments in RPG’s where you are glad it’s just text and not a voice-over. There’s just no way an actor could capture the evil voice in my head when I read that line.

Anyway, we went from the Ship Graveyard to the Pleasing Gardens. You might think this was a lair of prostitution but that would again be incorrect. What is it with this game and these deceptive names. While in the Pleasing Gardens we fought the boss Gigmantis who was, in fact, a gigantic mantis. Hence the name.

We also picked up the Grappling Hook!


Sweet! I’ve loved grappling hooks ever since I played Quake II CTF. Now if Wild Arms will let me grapple through the air while shooting rockets I’ll be in heaven.  But I’m not holding my breath.

Once we cleaned out the Pleasing Gardens it was back to the Ship Graveyard where there were rumors of a ghost ship that we needed to investigate. That sounds promising. But first, let me give you a shot of our fearless trio and see if you can notice anything missing…


I’ts not the largest screenshot out there but if you look closely you can see what appear to be no noses. I remember that from Final Fantasy VII as well. What is it with no noses (and apparently no mouths either) on the 3D views of the characters? I’m not asking for full bumpmapped HDR polygonal nostrils but maybe a little mark, a dot, something to indicate these people have some way to breathe? That isn’t asking for too much is it?