From the Ship Graveyard we did make our way onto a haunted ship. This seems to be a RPG staple as I can think of at least two other games that had haunted ships. This was a very well-done place and appropriately creepy.


We stomped all over it, defeated the boss and watched the ship slowly sink into the ocean. As a reward for making the waters safe, we were granted a ship of our own to pilot! Cool!


For whatever reason, once I got a ship I had a Final Fantasy vibe. I think of playing the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games and it always seemed you were eventually given a boat or an airship. Even Chrono Trigger had a similar mechanism. I tried to remember if there was an RPG that gave you a car to drive but I can’t think of any besides one of the Fallout games. Anyway, it’s a very cool feeling when you can suddenly travel all over the map and access previously unavailable areas.

We also ran into Zed again. Deja vu. I thought I defeated him already?


And he gets great lines, too! He reminds me a bit of Zivilyn Bane from Skies of Arcadia: a recurring minor boss character although I think I like Zed more than Zivilyn Bane. The man’s got personality! Plus a cutscene revealed he aspires to join Mother’s army but for some reason hasn’t been allowed to yet.

Not only did we defeat Zed but we also got to defeat Belsek. You remember him, the evil Kermit-looking guy who was one of Mother’s evil minions? We drove him away once before but this time I think was our last battle with him. I meant to grab a screenshot of him but forgot to. I’m sorry but the best I can do is my artist’s rendition of our encounter with him:


He was fierce but really wasn’t a match for our intrepid group. Oh, and he looked a lot scarier than my drawing. A lot. You’ll have to take my word for it.