I need to apologize to you. It appears that my blog has been inadvertently installing a tracking cookie and I just became aware of this and took corrective action today. Here’s what happened.

Since I started blogging I’ve used Sitemeter for its free counter and also to provide some stats for me about my blog and its visitors.   You may have noticed the counter at the bottom of the sidebar on the right side of my blog.  Apparently a month or possibly longer ago Sitemeter began a business relationship with a company called specificclick which is a known spyware operation that installs tracking cookies on visitor’s computers. Sitemeter did not email its users to let them know this would be happening so they could opt out of this. So if you have visited my blog in the past month or two you may be infected by a tracking cookie in your web browser.

I have completely removed anything to do with Sitemeter from my blog and I apologize if this has caused any problems for anyone. I think it completely sucks that Sitemeter would not only resort to something like this but wouldn’t even give its users an option to not have this crap infect our readers’ browsers.

What I recommend you do is to clear all cookies from your browser. It’s a pain in the ass but it will remove the tracking cookie. It’s what I did this morning. You can also remove or block the specific cookie if you know how to do that.

You can read more about this issue at the following website (link) which also contains instructions for removing all cookies or just the specific tracking cookie that is the cause for concern.

Once again I apologize for any problems this has caused.  I value anyone who has taken the time to read my disjointed ramblings and I hate the fact that my site contributed to installing spyware.