I’m making steady progress in Wild Arms. The latest task has been to acquire two items called Rune Drives for my giant robot. One we already found and the other one we had to venture through a dungeon to obtain. Oh and the dungeon had eight random battles (yes I counted) mostly with enemies who inflicted either Poison or Sleep status attacks. Wow I hate those! Oh and we also found a book of erotica.


That’s weird.

Our metal demon friends threatened the town of Court Seim unless they turned over their Rune Drive. The villagers hid in the nearby Sacred Shrine but the demons invaded. We pursued them and found a dog that turned into a surprise boss battle. And he was tough! Probably the hardest battle yet for me. Rudy died and I had to use a revive item on him. What worries me is I don’t remember a place to buy them and I only have 3 or 4 left. Not good.

We also found the demon Alhazad who was trying to take the Rune Drive and had to dispatch him. He was surprisingly easy compared to the dog-boss.


For some reason I got his name confused with the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred who authored the Necronomicon. Alas, no Cthulhu cross-over.

Now that our giant robot is fully upgraded we are able to assault the Photosphere, a dome of energy protecting the demon’s home. Can’t wait to bring the fight to them.

Battles this dungeon: 10 including two bosses.