Well today I weighed in and I’m at 244 which is a loss of about 5 lbs in a month.  That I can live with.  I’m still running 3-4 times a week.  In fact, today I started running 3 minutes, walking 1 minute and repeating that cycle for seven times.  I’m not too far from just running 30 minutes straight.

May is my month to begin some light weight training.  I’ve done a bit before but never too much.  I don’t intend to do too much now either but some upper body lifting will do me good.  The whole muscle burns more fat than… fat?  I dunno.  Something like that.

More important that 5 lbs is the fact that I feel better.  I’m not out of breath as easily.  I can take the stairs and still have a conversation.  My clothes are starting to have just a bit of slack in them.  So definitely on track but at a nice slow pace.  I can definitely keep this up.