We have completed our assault on the Photosphere. Apparently our giant robot possesses the ability to dispel energy fields so we marched him right up to the dome and watched as he made short work of it.


I really want to take him into battle sometime and see what he does. I’m thinking he could kick some serious butt.

Once inside, we made our way toward our final goal: Mother. Now she has been the evil force for the whole game so far and confronting her at this point makes me think that an Evil Villain Switch is in the works. Create a feeling of accomplishment when you defeat the Big Bad but then pull the rug out from under you by revealing that she wasn’t so Big or so Bad after all.


So Mother was defeated without much trouble. Leaving the way of course for her underlings to step into her shoes. I have to say the story in Wild Arms leaves something to be desired.

We were able to make it past the whirlpool we spotted earlier and this opened up the Outer Sea to our ship. This is a great thing because it gives us access to areas we hadn’t been to before. Like this one for instance:


Advanced magic! Quite awesome indeed. Now I can cast some pretty high-power spells including group healing spells, resurrection spells, spells to avoid random battles (yay!) and some pretty devastating attack spells. Suddenly Cecilia has become a force to be reckoned with.

I also found the monster arena and fought the first battle there and almost got my ass handed to me in the process. The dude was tough but I was able to take him down. I gave up after the first battle but I suspect I’ll try the others once I’ve gained a couple more levels.

Random battles since I last counted: a groan-inducing 60.  Add to the 8 from my last major entry and we’re at 68.  I kinda wish I’d counted from the beginning now.