Made some major progress in Wild Arms. I’m now around 18 hours into it and things seem to be sticking together a bit better. I’m still not sure why I’m going through these dungeons, fighting these monsters and then the boss battle. The game throws an explanation at you but it really seems to fade into the background. Fortunately the game remains fun and I’m enjoying myself even if I’m not sure what the hell’s going on.


Last night and tonight were all about the boss battles. I went through an extremely long dungeon and emerged to find another long dungeon. I actually had to dig into my store of items and use one to restore magic points and refill Rudy’s ammo. That’s the first time in the game so far. After we wiped out a boss named Diablo (who really wasn’t as bad as… you know… that Diablo) we ended up fighting Zeikfried.


He was easily defeated but before he went away he opened up a black hole (!) that threatened to suck our party to oblivion. He had some sort of magical chain binding him to Rudy and when Rudy realized he couldn’t chop through the chain he chopped his arm off! Yikes.

And then we found out that Rudy’s body is made of metal.


So that raises the obvious question: who or what is Rudy and how did he come to be? I’m much more intrigued in the outcome now.

I don’t know where I am in the overall game but I’m guessing I’m past the halfway point. I’ve seen some estimates of the game’s playtime ranging from 20-30 hours. I can’t imagine I’m going to finish this dude in two hours but maybe in 10?

Random battles since my last entry: 42.  That brings my total up to an even 110 random battles fought since I started counting.