So Rudy’s arm is gone and we found out he was made of metal. Not just any metal but the same metal that the metal demons were made of. Creepy. I wonder if he is some demon gone rogue or if he was created to oppose them.


Our quest was to find a way to restore his lost arm. The details are a bit sketchy but it involved reforging a Guardian Blade sword, travelling to the dimension of the Elws and, most importantly, reduced my party to Cecelia and Jack.

We had to acquire a talisman for part of the process. Maybe I’m just getting forgetful in my late 30’s but I really don’t remember why the talisman was important. I think it’s a problem with Wild Arms’ structure and narrative. The game is constantly sending you to new places to find obscure objects. After repeating this several times they all start to blend together.


But at least we needed to go to De Le Metalica! <Insert Bill & Ted’s air guitar here>

At the end of this quest we had all the items we needed. Then an odd and kinda cool sequence began where Cecelia was in Rudy’s dreams and memories. She observed him talking to his foster father Zepet and also figured out that one of Rudy’s strengths is his ability to feel the emotions and pain of others.


Then of course Zepet turned into some bizarre dream-monster boss and Cecelia had to fight this beast by herself. Her upgraded magic managed to make short work of the boss.

With Rudy now awake and arm intact we received news that Emma had created a flying machine. Off to the skies!

Random battles this entry: 25.  Total so far is now 135.