I believe the end is near for Wild Arms. We watched as the Evil Bad Dudes raised the tower of Ka Dingel out of the ocean. We also now know that the master plan is to crash the planet/moon/space colony Malduke into the planet, destroying all life and making way for the metal demons to complete their conquest. Things look grim but we are up to the task.

First we needed to get through the tower of Ka Dingel. No easy task as it started out with another boss fight against Boomerang and Luceid.


Fortunately by this point in the game we have some pretty stupendous attacks, especially Rudy’s ultimate attack which lets him fire one of his ARMs and do 4x the damage. The maximum appears to be 9,999 which, coupled with everyone else’s attacks, seems to wipe the bosses out pretty quick.

We also fought Alhazad for what appeared to be the last time. He changed into his true form and tried to mop the floor with us but we were ready for him.


It is kinda nice to think that this might be the last time I have to fight some of these repeating bosses. It’s not the most creative step for the developers but it does allow you to build up some hatred for these guys, made all the more sweet once you finally send them packing for good.

Once through Ka Dingel we found the space teleporter which took us to Malduke.


That’s them going through the space teleporter in case you couldn’t tell. I’m assuming Malduke is the last major area in the game so I’m feeling good about my prediction that I’ll finish Wild Arms this week.

The other cool thing about where I am in the game now is that I’ve reached self-sustainability. Cecelia has the Mind Gem equipped which slowly restores her MP while she walks or fights. This is huge as it allows me to keep our group healed and have her MP regenerate as we go along. That way she is ready for the boss fights. I also have a good supply of restore items which I’m not using so those are packed away for the endgame. Finally, both Cecelia and Rudy now have summons that heal our group and don’t use any MP. So I’m done with Ka Dingel, off to Malduke and I have full health and full MP.

Sitting pretty? I think so.