And I’m done with Wild Arms! Woohoo! I was nearly thrown off by the incredible amount of boring random battles but I persevered and knocked out the final three bosses tonight. My final time at the last save point was just a bit over 25 hours.

First up was Zeikfried himself. How many times have I fought this dude?


I hated to see him so easily defeated but he was threatening the fate of all humanity so what can you do? And I’m not kidding about easily defeated. I went into the last battles with around 30 items to restore my MP, nearly 100 items to restore my health, several items that restored both my complete party’s health and all their MP and 11 complete recharges for Rudy’s guns. It was kinda nice to not have to hold back and be able to UNLEASH THE FURY!!!

After Zeikfriend died he of course united with Mother and returned as Motherfried!


Seriously creepy. She/he/it was also quite a pushover. I was pretty surprised when she gave her concession speech as I was ready for a longer battle. With her out of the way we took the dimensional elevator back to Filgaia but in the process wound up fighting the final boss of the game.


I suppose this is the third incarnation of Zeikfried. And again we completely unloaded on him and literally had no problems beating him. I’m really very embarrassed at the amount of items I was needlessly hoarding.

With the bosses defeated the focus at the end of the game turned to the restoration of Filgaia. Cecelia narrated as we saw scenes of people returning to their normal lives. She made the decision to join up with Rudy and Jack for more adventuring and together they marvelled at the beauty of the world they saved.


And that was it for Wild Arms. The credits rolled with great music as always. Along with the credits were occasional scenes from the game so I’ll leave you with one last shot of our trio of adventurers.


It’s nice to be done. I enjoyed the game and hope to have my final thoughts written up in my review this weekend. Then it’s onward to Final Fantasy VII. Mush!