I’ve always hated the Wall Market and Don Corneo segment of the game. I didn’t like it the first time and I certainly didn’t like it this fourth time through. It’s tedious, boring and requires lots of running around on errands. I pushed through it as quickly as possible and have now put it behind me. Don’t ask me to reminisce please.

Our team became aware that Shinra was intending to destroy Avalanche by dropping the Sector 7 plate on them. A dastardly plan that we could not allow so we climbed to the top to try to stop them. We were, of course, met by Tseng from the Turks who informed us that there was no way to stop the bomb. Not only that but Aeris was captured by Shinra.


Except they refer to her as the Ancient. That becomes quite important later.

Tseng flies Aeris away in his helicopter while our group realizes that Sector 7 is doomed. They narrowly make an escape as the plate comes crashing down, crushing anyone below. Barret worries that his daughter Marlene was killed but then remembers that Aeris hinted that she was safe. Nonetheless, the damage was severe and several members of Avalanche were killed including crowd favorites Biggs and Wedge.


The only thing left to do is to rescue Aeris. The group stops off at her house where Aeris’ mother tells us about how she found a young Aeris at the train station one day while waiting for her husband to return from battle. She raised Aeris as her own and she was early on pursued by Shinra for some unknown purpose. And now they have her.

In order to get to Shinra Headquarters, our group had to climb through the city. How best to do that?


Another Barretism – awesome! We climbed the golden shiny wire of hope all the way to the top. Along the way we had to deal with the annoying timed jumping puzzle. It only took me about 10 tries to get it this time. I shudder to think that I must have missed that jump nearly 50 times in my life.

And at the top was Shinra Headquarters.


I remember this section of the game being quite fun. I’m going to tackle Shinra HQ tonight.  Bring on Red XIII!

So far everything is pretty much done by rote memory. I don’t have enough characters to start planning which ones I want to use. Everyone has random materia at this point but later in the game I want to try to experiment with some fun materia combos so I’ll probably read up a bit on them.