I realized after my last entry that I’d been fiddling with this game for pretty much the entire month of June and hadn’t really made much progress. It was getting me down. I think I was at 7 hours at my last entry. Not only that, I was getting mired in repeating sections of the game I’d played so many times before. And the whole time I had a game save from 13 hours into the game that was staring at me so I weasled out and skipped about 6 hours of the game. I’m now 13 hours into it and Cloud & co. have returned to Nibelheim and they’re on their way to the Mt. Nibel reactor.

Now that I’ve done that I feel fresh as a summer’s eve.

What did I skip over? The painfully long section at Junon with the music that grates on my nerves and never fucking stops. The long, drawn out section at Cosmo Canyon with the music that (again) grates on my nerves and never fucking stops. I skipped Costa del Sol with the music that I don’t remember so it must not have been that great or that terrible.

The group now has a badass car that can actually cross small streams. We picked up a stray Yuffie in a forest and drug Vincent Valentine’s sleepy ass from his coffin, equipped them and filled them with materia and they’re now big punching bags for the group. I know Aeris is going to bite it before too much longer so I’m basically ignoring her at this point. I know Cait Sith is a traitorous bastard so I’m not using him. So I’m basically focusing on six characters: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Yuffie and Vincent.

I’m now at the part of the game that I haven’t played 3 times. I think I’ve only played from here on out twice before and it’s been long enough that I’m not remembering a lot of the stuff so that’s good.  It’s high time to get this thing in gear.