I completed the whole Rocket Town section of the game. We met Cid, the bitter almost-astronaut who spends his days sitting in his off-kilter rocket and pining for the days of yore. He’s kind of a pathetic, cantankerous ass but he has a lovable side and a totally sweet ride so I’m going to learn to put up with him.

We now have the Tiny Bronco which is an airplane that can only cross shallow bodies of water and is stopped stone cold by anything larger than an anthill.


So maybe it’s not the best plane out there. Come to think of it, I can see why Shinra might have scrapped their space program with Chief Engineer Cid on duty. The guy can’t design an airplane that can fly so how could he be trusted with space flight??? Yeah… nothing could go wrong in space could it?

So after we boosted his pseudoplane Cid decided to join our party. Now for whatever reason I never used Cid my first time through FFVII. This time is different. Cid’s coming with us not for his combat skills but because he can out-Barretspeak even Barret.


I kept waiting for “Now make me a sammich bitch!” I think he’ll get along great with Tifa and Yuffie so Cid’s in my permanent roster and I’m kicking Barret out. He’s just not misogynistic enough.

Next I’m thinking I’m going to tackle Yuffie’s hometown and build up our levels a bit.