She’s going to die. I know this and you know this. Unless you’ve never played the game before in which case WHY ARE YOU READING THIS??? GO AWAY OR YOU’LL ALSO LEARN THAT CAIT SITH IS A SPY!!

It’s one of those impressive moments in gaming. I didn’t know she was going to bite it the first time and was pretty surprised. Not crying real tears or slitting my wrists or writing an emo Livejournal entry on Aeris’ feelings right before death or anything but I was still surprised.

A second playthrough puts things in a different light as there’s certainly a lot of foreshadowing.


The moment misty-eyed 14 year-old boys wait for – an invitation for a date with Aeris. They spend the evening at the Golden Saucer and participate in a silly stage play and generally have a good time. So much happiness – something bad must be waiting in the wings.

One of those bad things is Cait Sith who turns out to be a Shinra spy.


Now the bad dudes know about the Temple of the Ancients and will get there ahead of Cloud & Co. That’s not good but I do remember that I’m pretty close to the end of Disc One.