And she’s gone. Sephiroth jumped down from the heavens and stabbed her through the chest with his sword. Then he vanished just as rapidly. The first time through FF7 I liked Aeris and spent a lot of time working on her character and levelling her up. When she died I was sad but this was mostly due to the hours I wasted on her. Not so this time. See ya later flower girl.

I do really like this screenshot though. Square has some pretty impressive artwork in their cinematics. And I love Aeris’ theme music. Uematsu can have my babies anytime he wants.


If only Cloud had a Phoenix Down in his inventory then he could… wait… what? He has about forty Phoenix Downs? Well then we should… aw never mind. Tifa was always much hotter anyway.

After her death Cloud & Co. fight a boss, take a moment to recover and then renew their decision to pursue Sephiroth.


So at the end of disc one all six of the characters I’m working on have levels in their mid 30’s. I’m trying to keep them close but Cloud is obviously pulling away from the rest. Barret and Cait Sith are sitting on the sidelines. I don’t remember what happens so I hope I’m not forced to use them at some point when they are underpowered.

And onward to disc two!