I haven’t been able to get as much playtime in as I’ve wanted. First I changed internet providers, then bought a new monitor, then had to get a new gamepad as my kids destroyed my old (wired) 360 gamepad. Now I have a wireless 360 gamepad hooked up, widescreen monitor is in place and I’ve spent a couple hours this week messing around with disc two.

The theme so far is winter and snow. We made it to Icicle Inn and learned about Aeris’ mother Ifalno and Shinra’s Professor Gast. We then needed to get down the mountain to the Great Glacier. How about some snowboarding?


I was awesome at SSX so my skills naturally translated over to Cloud’s balloon-popping adventure. I didn’t hit all the balloons but I think I got most of them.

The Great Glacier was a long, confusing area. I’d equipped my guys with fire attacks and protection against ice so they went pretty easily. We then ended up climbing the Gaea Cliffs and finally came upon the boss Schizo.


I hate to say it but Schizo kicked my butt the first two times I fought him/her/it. He has two heads and one has a fire affinity and one has an ice affinity. This made it pretty difficult to use Ifrit as he healed as much as he hurt Schizo. Fortunately my Restore materia levelled up prior to the battle so I was able to use Regen, MP Barrier and Haste and we kept chipping away at Schizo and beat him the third time.

While I like Vincent, I found his Galian Beast Limit Break to be pretty useless. I hope eventually it turns into something else because right now it just makes him more powerful and berserk for the rest of the battle so I can’t use any spells with him.

Outside we were at the crater where Sephiroth was going to put his plan into action. He wanted to smash a meteor into the planet to cause the lifeforce to gather there and make him transcend into God or something.


Sephiroth sent Jenova-DEATH (capitalization is necessary) after us but we were able to defeat her with little problem. Bahamut and Neo-Bahamut combined to do about 7,000 damage to her.  Everyone is level 40 and above at this point and I’m having to pick and choose materia combinations as I keep finding more of them.