My gold chocobo – let me show you him.


Not a big deal I know but it’s a whole different part of the game that I never bothered with the first time through. I admit that I used the W-Item duplication trick to get the Sylkis Greens to make my chocobos faster. As it turned out, I had 3 Mastered All materia that were worth about 1 billion gil each so the W-Item trick was unnecessary.  All that button pushing for nothing.  I never even thought that mastered materia would sell for so much.

The end is near. I just want to wipe out Ultimate Weapon and get Cloud’s weapon from him then I want to do the Battle Arena and get the final limit break for Cloud and the W-Summon materia. Once I’m done with that I’ll take on the final area.

And how will I beat Sephiroth in the final battles? Hmm….


Since I went through all the trouble I’m definitely going to use it. It’s cheap. It’s wussy. And I don’t care.  I’m going to kick some ass.