And I’m done with Final Fantasy VII! My final playtime was right around 46 hours. I’ll be getting my review up in the next day or two but first let’s have a look at the finale.

My group entered into the crater with the Highwind and landed there. We worked our way down to the bottom, fighting really annoying monsters that petrified party members. I hated those guys. Once we got to the bottom the group had to split up and each took a path. At the end of all this we finally began fighting the bosses. First up was another variant of you-know-who.


The boss that wouldn’t go away. While I like Sephiroth and enjoyed fighting him, Jenova always seemed like weak sauce to me. I didn’t realize I was quite to the end bosses so I wound up keeping my current party of Cloud Yuffie and Cid as my final party which worked out just fine. I liked all three of them and they were great in battle. Once Jenova went away then it was two variants of Sephiroth.


The first version I took out with regular attacks and summons and the final version I took out with Knights of the Round, and Quadra Magic Ultimas that I then Mimed. So basically you pay for Ultima once with MP and get to cast it four times, then with Mime you get to repeat the 4x Ultima attack indefinitely for no charge! Yeah it’s a cheap move but sure was fun! When Sephiroth was defeated he came back a third time (of course) to fight Cloud alone. Basically Cloud gave him one Omnislash and that was it.

Once Sephiroth was finally put to bed the group had to escape the core of the planet as the meteor came crashing toward Midgar. This was a seriously long full-motion video! Aeris saved the day by channeling the lifestream to defeat the meteor, thus saving everything and everyone.


And then it was the credits. I did remember that there was a scene at the end of the credits so I sat through about 846 Japanese names and tried to pronounce them all as they rolled up the screen. It’s my own form of mini-game and I’m getting better and better at it but still nowhere near able to get them all.

After the credits we flash forward 500 years to see what looks like Red XIII (or maybe his descendant) and two completely cute little cubs.


Seriously cute. I want one. Anyway, they look over a cliff and see the ruins of Midgar covered in vegetation. It appears everything is well and growing again. The planet is saved and life continues. And that’s the end.


Woo-hoo! I’m glad to be done with Final Fantasy VII! I’m going to try to get my review up later today or tomorrow then I’m going to be on vacation for a week. When I return I think I’m going to play Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.