Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is the direct sequel to Lunar: Silver Star Story, a game I liked quite a lot. In my review I gave the original a 6.5 out of 10 on my very-stringent review scale and noted that its strengths were it’s story and characters as well as Game Arts’ usual top-notch production values. Gameplay was a weak point.

As with its predecessor, Lunar 2 was originally released for the Sega CD in North America in 1995 and was remade for the Playstation. Game Arts improved the 2D graphics and also added and extended the numerous animated cutscenes from the original. Working Designs localized the game and it was released for the Playstation in North America in 2000.


I suspect that Lunar 2 will be an extension of what I played in Lunar. And that’s perfectly fine with me as I enjoyed the first one. I’m particularly interested in where they will go with Lunar 2’s story. I’m going to get started on this later tonight so I’ll be updating once or twice this week.