I got a pretty good start on Lunar 2 the past couple of days. It very much appears to follow in the trail of the first game: unlike the Final Fantasy games, Lunar 2 takes place in the same world as the first and references many of the characters and settings. It also takes place a long time after the events of the first game.

The story opens with a long FMV about a mysterious, naked woman in a snowy tower. Brrr!  She utters some obscure comments about things not being right and then wanders off.


 We then meet our main character. Instead of a regular name like Alex or Cloud… scratch that… instead of a regular name like Alex we get… Hiro. Okay. Nothing goofy about that. And he has a pet who looks like a flying cat but insists he is a dragon. So far this definitely reminds me of the first game. The introductory scenes with Alex and Ruby remind me of the beginning of Wild Arms as the two of them are seeking for treasure but have to flee from an angry dungeon. In this case they are chased by flying flaming skulls.


As they make their way out of the dungeon I’m reminded why I love 2D bitmapped graphics so much. The game is just gorgeous, the colors crisp and everything is nicely detailed. There’s definitely a retro feel to things and it takes me back to my Sega Genesis days.


On the story front Hiro ran into the pompous Lord Leo, part of Althena’s guard. It’s nice to know Althena makes a return in this game. He warns us of Bad Things that are getting ready to happen and then he flies off in his massive ship. And there we have the generic plot, or at least the beginning part of it: Bad Guy is coming to take over/destroy the world. and he must be stopped.  Nothing original about that but the first Lunar was able to wrap it’s basic story in lots of style so I’ll hope for the same for the sequel.


We then come to Hiro’s grandpa Gwyn. Yep. Grandpa Gwyn. Okay…..

He informs us that we must go to the Blue Spire and joins the group. Even though he’s a grandpa, he’s only a couple levels higher than Hiro so I think he must have been slacking off most of his life. Doesn’t say much about his ability to help out in a pinch. So poorly named Hiro, his flying catdragon Ruby and his lazy, girly-named grandpa head off for the Blue Spire to kick much butt.