The Blue Spire was a fairly typical dungeon. The game does remind me how difficult it can be as my two characters always seemed on the verge of death by the end of a battle. I’d heal and fight some more, always seemingly narrowly winning. I’m not sure if this is dumb luck or a well-polished game mechanic. Once I found a Shrine to Althena I was home free as I could save anywhere and the shrine fully restored my HP/MP.

At the top of the spire we met up with the blue-haired lady from the opening cinematic. She is Lucia and her mission is… well I’ll let her explain:


Once she joined up with us we realized that she was basically a walking nuclear arsenal. Enemies fell like leaves in a windstorm before her. I have to admit that I took advantage and levelled-up a bit. Then Zophar came and laughed his evil laugh and took away Lucia’s powers. Then we had to fight my first boss battle against the Blue Spire’s Guardian. I defeated him but had literally used my last possible special attack when he went down. Then four other Guardians arrived and things were looking grim until Lord Leo came to the rescue.


We then left for the town of Larpa, leaving Gwyn behind. Once at Larpa we met up with Ronfar the brash, hard-gambling, hard-drinking priest of Althena. Or used to be a priest of Althena. Now he’s just a gambler with a really bad headband.


He agrees to help us out in our quest to remove Lucia’s curse and restore her nuclear powers. Once this is completed Lucia takes off in search of Althena and our heroes decide to follow her to protect her from Lord Leo who still believes she is The Destroyer. We took off for the town of Dalton after buying the best equipment we could afford.  Both Hiro and Dalton are now level 13.