We’ve added another member to our party. This time it’s the lovely Jean the dancer. We found her in a caravan and she agreed to help us. It turns out she’s some sort of reformed ninja but of course has renounced her past evil deeds. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this as things progress.


I also lost my first boss battle. The victor was Plantella, a mysterious vegetable creature controlled by a nude woman hidden inside. Each attack did more damage to Plantella and revealed three stages. The third stage did a bunch of damage to a single character or moderate damage to all of them. I hadn’t quite prepared and was using Ronfar to attack instead of heal.


We did defeat Plantella on the second attempt. I forgot about Ronfar’s attacks and had him heal the entire time. Hiro still died twice but we were able to revive him twice before the end of battle.

This whole part of the game so far seems to be one long journey to Pentagulia while we assemble our group. I’m sure things will pick up later.