So with Plantella vanquished we entered the Ghost Manor. Believe it or not, it’s a haunted house! We trudged through it fighting creatures called Susie Deaths and wound up fighting a boss called the Magic Tester LX1. Yet another painful boss but some trial and error and it was defeated. We then were joined by Lemina, representative of the Magic Guild in Vane.


She’s also money-hungry and I’m predicting a future romance with Ronfar. You heard it here – Ronfar and Lemina sitting in a tree…

Lemina is a pretty powerful chick in battle. Her physical attack can hit any enemy on the field and her spells rain flaming death down on them. She seems much more helpful than my mage from Lunar 1 who always seemed like he was lacking something. Of course she needs to be more powerful as Lunar 2 seems harder to match.

In attemping to escape from Lord Leo and his gang we agreed to be shot out of a giant cannon called the Magic Arrow. It sent us the wrong way and we crash-landed in the Mystic Ruins. Once we landed there, Lucia watched as some of the scenes from Lunar 1 played for her then we had a visit from an old friend.



That’s one thing I really like about this game. It’s not just another “Lunar” game – it’s a true sequel. Many times so far they’ve referred to characters from the first game and places we’d visited and it’s very clear that both are closely tied together. Having enjoyed the story from the first one I’m really happy to see a lot of similarities in Lunar 2, even though I’m only about 7 1/2 hours into it.