We wound up in the town of Zulan which was under a never-ending winter storm. We agreed to help them which involved trekking through several caves and plateaus filled with snow beasts. After dispatching them we found the boss and the cause of the snowstorm: The Missing Link!


Sadly, even though he was The Missing Link, he had to be killed. Painfully. And with a lot of fire. I made it through this boss battle without even dying so I think I’m getting the hang of this again. And Lemina is just a walking flamethrower. Her regular attack does huge damage and she can wipe the enemies off the screen with her spells.

We then travelled to Meribia which was an important town from the first game. We ran into Ramus who wasn’t the Ramus we knew but a descendant of Ramus who looks just like Ramus. Got all that? We agreed to help the Meribians by invading what they thought was the bandits’ home base in Taben’s Peak. I ended up going through this area twice to pick up some extra cash so I could deck my group out in the best equipment but also for a bit more experience. I really like how Lunar doesn’t have random battles. No you can’t avoid every battle and you wouldn’t want to anyway but it’s nice to be able to walk more than 10-15 feet without fighting something.

At the top of Taben’s Peak we discovered that someone named Nall was sheltering a group of children. Oddly, Lucia seemed to know Nall and vice-versa. While we were guests of Nall the real bandits arrived and kidnapped some children. Our group agreed to help track them down in the sewers of Meribia.


Oh yeah. Jean hates them because she used to be a prisoner of the bandits as well but eventually broke free to begin life as a dancer. Got all that?

So now it’s down into the sewers of Meribia. I’m roughly 10 hours into the game and enjoying it so far.