I’m done with the games that I was reviewing. While action games are fun, I’m mostly a RPG guy at heart. During the time I was busy with reviewing I missed the one-year anniversary of my RPG rewind project! Pretty strange to think that I’ve been at this for a year already. And I have a whole lot of games to go!

Back to Lunar 2 – we last left our group exploring the sewers of Meribia in search of the kidnapped children. We did find them after a couple of levels of sewer monsters. The kids were kidnapped by Jean’s former mentor and leader of the assassins.


He sent four super-assassins to take us down. Again I died on a boss battle the first time through. I like this about Lunar. Bosses are supposed to be tough and when I do beat a boss I usually do it by a very narrow margin.

We then set the children free and returned to Nall to give him the good news. I had completely forgotten that Nall was in the first game and was a flying creature similar to Ruby who later turned out to be a dragon. I’m guessing it’s the same dude as he hints that he knows much more than expected.

We then journeyed on to Vane, the home of Lemina and the Magic Guild. Vane was the floating city in Lunar 1 but now it’s firmly earthbound and looking a bit decrepit. We went to meet Lemina’s mother and found her being kidnapped by a weird floating dude named Borgan.


So he now has Lemina’s mother and we have to rescue her. I’m not sure where Neo-Vane is but he urged us to travel to Pentagulia and indicated he’d be waiting for us. Twelve hours in and I’m glad to be playing again.