Well that was a disturbing encounter. We visited the town of Azado which was on the way to Pentagulia. While we were there, we ran into Leo and the Dragonship Destiny and were captured. Suddenly the town was attacked and set on fire by something coming out of the temple to Althena. Leo let us go free as it was apparent that Lucia wasn’t behind this. We went to the Sanctuary and began investigating only to get into a fight with one of the creepy Nipple Yankers!


I have to wonder if they were truly Nipple Yankers in the original Japanese translation or if this was some weird joke played by Working Designs who did the North American translation. The cool thing is Leo joined our party for the fights in the Sanctuary. I think he’s finally coming around to our side. We made our way to the boss which was called the Flame Fang. For once I had no problem with a boss and he went away quickly.

Once it was taken care of the town was restored to order and Leo nicely agreed to transport us to the holy city of Pentagulia. Of course, if he’d agreed sooner we could have skipped the first disk but whatever.


So we finally made it to our destination and our arrival at Pentagulia marked the end of the first disc. Fourteen hours into the game and my group is handling most things pretty well. I really like the fact that you can see your enemies in the dungeons as you journey through them. While I never avoid any battles, it’s still nice to know that you can walk around and not be hit with random battles every ten steps. For being such old games, the Lunar series certainly got this right.