So we made it to Pentagulia finally but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. We went to meet with Althena but she was apparently an impostor working with Ghaleon. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ghaleon fought Hiro in a duel and guess who lost?


Yeah you figured that out right. Leo then arrived to rescue us but he was wearing a fruity mask and calling himself Mystere. Um, ok. We then had to rescue the other three companions.

Leo/Mystere is a pretty strong dude but we had to work our way through 4 towers with several floors in each and neither Hiro nor Leo could heal. By trial and error I figured out which tower held Ronfar and once he was in the group healing our butts it was a lot easier but I have to say I died several times prior to this. Could I have used a healing potion? Of course. But why would I do that? For some reason I hate using healing potions when I know one of my characters is a perfectly capable healer.

Anyway, we got the rest of our group together and we were surrounded by several evil minions when we were zapped to Taben’s Peak where Nall is revealed as the White Dragon. His power was taken away by Ghaleon and apparently was given to Leo. Hiro had to fight Leo by himself and schooled him pretty good. Leo then gave us both the White Dragon Aura and his ship the Destiny!


Nice to have some transportation. Once we took care of this, we had to then go to a cave to meet the White Dragon again. I’m really not sure why other than We Have To Do It. So now were off to a cave to finish the White Dragon quest and I’m guessing there are three more dragon quests to go.

Truth be told, it sounds like busywork to me but oh well.