So we made it through this long cave in search of the White Dragon. We already know Nall is the White Dragon but we needed to find his aura or essence or mojo or something. At the end of the cave we encountered the White Dragon himself. But wait! It’s a trap!


Wow. That was sure a surprise! Ugh… Insert obligatory boss fight here.

With the White Dragon taken care of we now moved south to the village of Horam. There we were told about a karate championship which made Jean very happy. After all, what’s a delay for one little karate tournament when the fate of the world is resting on your time-sensitive mission?

The thing about this karate tournament is at the top of the ranks sits Master Lunn, the leader of the Shadow Dragon Cult and former mentor to Jean. I think they might have also had a thing going on as well. The romantic tension between them is so thick you could cut it with a well-placed karate chop.

So our group fought their way through three ranks of villains, inching closer to the top of the tournament ladder and Master Lunn. But since Lunn was Jean’s mentor how will she ever defeat him?


Oh. Ok.

They did fight and Jean did win. The third time. Yep I died again on a boss battle. Twice. I hang my head in shame.

But much like a reversed Star Wars, the student defeated the master (with Blue Dragon Karate!!) and things were set right. Lunn realized the folly of his evil ways and, as it turns out, he also possessed the Blue Dragon Aura which he handed over. Now it’s off to another cave to release the Blue Dragon

A side effect of this diversion is Jean’s combat has completely changed. Before she attacked twice from a distance with her weapons but now she moves in close and attacks three times with her awesome kung-fu moves. I think she ends up doing as much damage as Hiro, maybe more.

I’m now about 18 hours into the game.