So here’s the problem I ran into.  This guy kept kicking my butt:


He’s an green little bastard inappropriately named the Blue Fiend. I made it through the dungeon and got to him but fighting all the creatures and healing along the way pretty much tapped me out and the Blue Fiend hurt me plenty. Second try I attempted to conserve my resources and made it back to the Blue Fiend with a lot more MP and I got killed as he kept casting a silencing attack on my group and then healing himself for 1,000+ HP. Damn it.

So I did something I don’t much like to do – I began grinding. I hate fighting just for the sake of gaining more levels in RPG’s. It seems like a waste of time when I could be defeating the foozle or rescuing the princess or stumbling upon a +1 Amazing Item of Usefulness. But I made a sort of uneasy peace with grinding in the Blue Dragon Cave. I started out at around level 36 for my group and I kept grinding until I reached level 40. It took awhile and I hope that’s it for grinding in Lunar 2.

And at level 40 the Blue Fiend was pretty easy work.


We then freed the Blue Dragon and began working our way south only to meet the flying fortress of Neo Vane. It shot down our Dragonship Destiny, leaving us to hoof it on foot. Now it’s off to take care of the Black Dragon.

So here’s the story of Lunar 2 thus far: In Act One you walk a really long fucking way, fighting alot and acquiring group members as you go. Once you get to Act Two in Pentagulia you are then sent on a massive fetch quest to free four dragons.

Am I missing something? This thing better have one amazing ending or I’m going to be pissed.