I’m now over 26 hours into Lunar 2. We had to take a detour to resolve Ronfar’s backstory with the love of his life Marui. It seems he gave her a potion some time ago that was supposed to save her but also held some of Zophar’s power in it. So she lived but she became an evil she-bitch from hell. The only way Ronfar could save her was to… well…


Yes it’s the cheesy plot move of doing battle with someone’s inner demons by actually, you know, literally doing battle with someone’s inner demons. Insert groan here.

Anyway she was saved and now we had to free the last dragon’s essence/aura/something. Now I’m sorta confused as Ruby is the Red Dragon but we also had his aura with us and then we fought the Red Fiend who looks like a dragon and then we threw the aura at the crystal which looked like it had a red dragon trapped inside. I’m sure it all makes sense but I’m just happy that Ronfar finally got two attacks per turn. When he’s not busy healing he can dish out some damage.


You would think that now that Ruby is a full-fledged dragon we’d be able to kick serious ass through the rest of the game. Couldn’t he just breathe fire on anything that stood in our way? Yeah I guess that would make the game too easy.


Now that the four dragons are defeated I’m not sure where things are going to go from here. It seems like I should be nearing the end of the game but I know I’m not finished with Disc 2 yet and there’s a third disc still to go.  My characters are nearing level 50 and the game is still quite challenging. Though it’s been awhile since I’ve died, there’s a pretty constant challenge of taking care of the minor enemies in a dungeon while still having enough HP/MP left to take on the boss.