I’ve made a lot of progress in Lunar 2. In fact, I’ve sort of finished the game. More about that in a bit.

First off we needed to deal with the False Althena. We made our way to the fortress where she was hiding out and climbed to the top. This involved lots of annoying enemies and an inevitable boss battle with the False Althena. The interesting thing was a room with a holographic image of the Blue Star.


We found out quite a bit about Lunar and the Blue Star. Apparently all the people used to live on the Blue Star but Zophar began to take over and corrupt the world. Lucia was able to defeat Zophar but only by unleashing armageddon and destroying the world. The remaining people were brought to the moon of Lunar which was converted to a habitable planet for them. Kind of a cool backstory and it certainly explains some things I’ve been wondering about.

Also while we were here Hiro reached level 50 which unlocked his Triple Strike ability. It kicks all kinds of ass, especially when his attack power is boosted by Lemina.

After the False Althena was defeated, Zophar confronted Lucia. She had the opportunity to get rid of Zophar once and for all but only by destroying the world like before. Lucia couldn’t bring herself to do this and was captured by Zophar. This was the end of Disc 2.

Disc 3 began with a battle against Ghaleon. Once he was defeated, his life was spared by Hiro and the others. Ghaleon regrets his sins and hopes for redemption.


This leaves only the final area and the confrontation with Zophar left to do. Our group takes the Dragonship and arrives at the fortress of Zophar. In here are lots of enemies and by the time we reached Zophar everyone was at level 52 or 53.


Zophar was made even more powerful by his capture of Lucia. He ended up having four different forms that had to be defeated. This is pretty much standard final boss battle stuff by now isn’t it? I think if I got to a final boss, defeated him and wasn’t greeted by sinister music and one of my characters saying “Uh-oh… he’s baaack!” then I’d be disappointed.

He wasn’t easy to defeat and I had to have Jean cast White Dragon Protect pretty much every round in order to block his spells. Hiro went wild with Triple Strike and Leminia unleashed Catastrophe while Ronfar healed and restored Jean’s MP and Leo beat Zophar’s head with his special attack. Eventually his fourth and final form went down, Lucia was rescued and the world was saved.


So then began one of the longest and most boring finales I’ve ever sat through. Lots of shots of the dragonship sailing the seas, lots of tearful goodbyes, lots of silly dialogue and at the end Hiro and Lucia look like they’re going to be Best Friends Forever but then she drops the bomb on him that she is returning to the Blue Star to undo the damage she caused there. Hiro gives her a teary-eyed look and pleads for her to stay but she leaves him behind. Hiro then vows that he will find her and that was the end of the game.


Except that wasn’t the end of the game. After the credits I was able to save my game and start playing the Epilogue. This is a cool and unusual feature and I’m guessing it might tie up the loose ends of the story so I think I’ll start on that right away. I’ll report back on the Epilogue soon. If it’s pretty lame I’ll just be done with it.