Arc the Lad II is about a young Hunter named Elc. He watched his family get butchered when he was a child and was taken in by his friend/mentor Shu. Now that Elc’s grown, he does various jobs offered by the Hunter’s Guild. One day he is given the job to go to the airstrip and while he’s there he rescues a young lady named Lieza who is being pursued by a mysterious Cabal of no-gooders with wide-brimmed hats.


They manage to escape from the Cabal and head to the town of Indigos where Elc begins to accumulate some money by doing jobs. This is a really fun aspect of the game as you are given a list of jobs you can do and the reward if you do them. One of them was to investigate a haunted building, another was to protect a jewelry store that was being robbed and another was to rescue a dog. I like the fact that they are optional but also how they can be solved in any order.

Later we ended up chasing an airship piloted by Arc from the first game. As I didn’t finish it I’m a little lost and don’t know Arc’s story but I hope that isn’t a problem.  Our airship crash-lands in a tropical area. We investigated a nearby dungeon and rescued a young girl and also found an old robot that was powered down.


The man who can fix Elc’s airship wants the robot so we have to journey deeper into the dungeon to find a power cell for it.

So far I’m two and a half hours into the game and having a great time with it. It’s very different from Lunar 2, though both were translated by Working Designs. I look forward to spending some more time with it later this week and weekend.