I’m trying to split my play-time between this and Mass Effect but I keep bumping into one of my most hated and boring RPG cliches: the confusing forest. See, we’re on the way to the White House to stop George Bush from harming more children but we can’t get there without going through this forest. No problem I can handle a forest.

Well we get into it and there’s two paths you can go on so I take north and fight a group of monsters then continues on the path and exit the screen and find a treasure chest at a dead end. Cool. After looting the chest I head back to the fork but first I have to fight the same group of monsters again. Same way with any fork in the forest path – if you have to backtrack (and you will because it’s a freaking confusing forest you know?) then you have to fight the same monsters again. These aren’t quick battles either. Each one takes 4-5 minutes or so which makes this forest absolutely mind-numbingly boring, especially with no save point in sight.

I will get past it either tonight or tomorrow and see what’s what at the White House.  It’s the next major plot area so something interesting should be happening soon.