Fallout, “a post nuclear role playing game,” was released in late 1997. It was developed by the now-defunct Black Isle Studios and published by the now nearly-defunct Interplay. It was a sequel of sorts to Wasteland which was originally released in 1998. Fallout was critically acclaimed and spawned a sequel and several spin-offs.

True story: I bought my first PC in January of 1998, having been a Mac guy for years before that. When I got it, I wanted to play some games and Fallout was the 2nd PC game I ever bought (the first was Dark Reign which I also loved but hasn’t held up quite as well). I had bought a copy of PC Gamer and thought the game sounded great from their review.

I played it through, finished it and then restarted it and played it through a second time. It was a completely great experience and I’ve thought about replaying it again for years but never got around to it.


I definitely think it’s time for another trip through the Fallout universe. Especially since I never finished Fallout 2 and now Fallout 3 is heavy in development. Plus it’ll be a nice change of pace from all the Japanese RPG’s I’ve been working on lately.