So I’m now playing Fallout for the third time.  But I haven’t played it at all for almost 10 years so I’ve forgotten much of it .  The first two times through the game I was very focused on making an uber-character so I spent a lot of time researching the “perfect build”.   I ended up making a high-perception, lucky sniper and basically kicked ass through the whole game.  I didn’t want to do that again so I rolled up a completely different kind of character.


First off, I decided to play as a female which should make things interesting.  I also put a lot of points into Speech and made myself Charismatic and Good Natured.  I intend to specialize in Small Guns and I plan to Steal everything that isn’t bolted down.

Now I know there’s combat in this game and I’m prepared to fight my way out of most situations.  But I also wanted to see what it was like maybe taking a less violent approach.  I’m guessing the game allows for different playstyles, so hopefully I haven’t gimped my character.

The interface takes some getting used to.  While I appreciate the many options available to me, things do seem clunky and I’m not getting used to right-clicking my mouse to choose the move cursor then right-click again to choose the selection cursor, then hold down a left-click to activate a menu with options.  Ugh.  The game does run at glorious 640×480 resolution and I’m on a 1680×1050 LCD display but it fortunately does a great job of upscaling so it looks fine to me.


So I left Vault 13 to go in search of a water chip.  I stopped off at the booming metropolis of Shady Sands and picked up a mercenary named Ian.  He seems pretty good with a gun which helps as my combat skills aren’t that great right now.  When my subtle negotiations fail, he helps clean up the messes.


With Ian in tow we set off to investigate Vault 15 to see if they had a water chip.  It turned out to be abandoned which was no help at all.  We did fight several large rats to get inside it and this combat led to my level going up.  Deep inside, there was a shaft that led down to… something but I needed a rope to access it and I am currently ropeless.  So we left Vault 15 and headed back to Shady Sands hoping to find a rope but instead I got hit by a random encounter and we were wiped out by some mercenaries.

Then I realized that I hadn’t saved my game since I left Shady Sands with Ian so I lost all my progress in Vault 15 and the level up I’d made.  This is one of the major differences between console and PC games: in a console game there would inevitably have been a checkpoint or save point that basically said “Hey you!  Save here okay?”  I’ll have to get used to a more do-it-yourself experience.

So now I’m heading back to Vault 15 to wipe out the rats and go up a level again.  Then I think I’ll head to Junktown.