I knew I needed to go back to Vault 15 as it is one of the only places on my map at the start of the game.  My problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to get a rope and get to the second floor.  Wasn’t there a rope somewhere in Shady Sands?  I seem to remember that from one of my early playthroughs.

Then I remembered that I can barter in Fallout.  Don’t ask me why I forgot about this because I don’t know.  So I found someone in Shady Sands who had a rope and I traded some flares and some bottlecaps for it and then Ian and I were off to Vault 15 again.

This time we were much more successful with the rats and we made it down the three floors of the vault.  The first time a giant rat came charging toward me it took me by surprise but I shot him in the head and he went bye-bye.  I love critical hits.


Once I got to the bottom I got the message that the vault was irreparably damaged and would not be any help in my quest.  Bummer but I did get 500 xp from it and went up to level 3.  I got to pick a perk so I chose awareness and decided to head down to Junktown.

Once in Junktown I stumbled upon a problem with a local named Gizmo.  Killian, who appears to be the law in this town, wants me to get some evidence on Gizmo.  I’m trying to decide if I want to wear a wire or not.


One thing I think I’m going to do first is head back to Shady Sands.  I seem to remember that Tandi gets captured by raiders at some point and I want to take care of that before I get too involved in Junktown.  If I can rescue her that’d be nice, though I’m pretty happy with Ian and can’t see wanting to bring Tandi along.