Alright I solved my buggy Fallout problem and it turns out it was a conflict with the TiVo Desktop software.  Apparently they don’t play nice with each other so I’ll have to disable that when I need to play Fallout.  I do have this dread with old PC games that I’m eventually going to get to a point where I just can’t run them anymore.  But for now at least, Fallout is back on.

In fact, I went to Gizmo’s while I was wearing a wire for Killian and recorded his confession that he wanted Killian dead.  I then joined up with the town guard to take out Gizmo and his bodyguard.  I’m happy to say I landed the deathblow for both of them, though Ian and Dogmeat both helped.  Oh yeah, did I mention I now have Dogmeat?  He thought I was his owner so now he’s following me around!

One small problem I’m running into is I’m freaking rich.  I have over 3,500 bottlecaps and a bunch of stuff I could sell but no one has enough stuff or money to trade.  Killian’s inventory is dried up so I’m guessing I’m screwed until I get to The Hub.  I hope to be heading there shortly.