I’m kinda in the mood for something a little different so I’ve decided to play through Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. I was a big fan of the original The Longest Journey game and really look forward to seeing where the story goes in the sequel. And while I’m not all that patient with some of the obtuse puzzles from adventure games I did manage to solve the puzzle with the monkey and the hat and the shadow that looked like a detective. You remember that one don’t you?


So I started Dreamfall earlier this week and I like it so far, except for the lame combat. I haven’t gotten very far yet but the main character is Zoë and she lives in our future and she’s sorta aimless and she’s learning martial arts. Yes I was pretty surprised when I got to my first fight in Dreamfall but I won it without a hitch. I’m hoping they leave any combat really easy as I don’t want to have to mix my twitch-skills with my adventure games.


I think I reached the point where the plot is developing as Zoë was just captured by commandos and interrogated. Seems good so far though it is a definite change from it’s predecessor. I’m going to try to move through this kinda quick and then get back to my regular diet of RPG’s.