Man this game is puzzling.  On the one hand there is a really interesting character development and battle system.  I wrote about this before but if I let myself, I could spend most of my time fiddling with characters, increasing their levels and stats and min/maxing to my heart’s content.  But I’m not sure I’d really enjoy it, ya know?  That sort of thing only carries me so far.

On the other hand, there’s the story and the characters.  I’m nearing the end of disc 3 so I’m guessing I’m less than 10 hours from the end of the game and my desire to finish the game is fading.  Last night I watched an overblown, long, drawn-out scene where Rinoa was floating through space, thinking to herself.  Then Squall arrives to save the day and it continues to drag on and on.  I was hoping for an asteroid to collide with them after about 5 minutes.

And it’s not really Squall that I don’t like.  Sure he’s a big penis-head but he’s manageable.  It’s the ensemble of characters that don’t work for me.  It’s the setting that seems very generic and without soul.  I can’t help but compare FF8 with both FF7 and FF9 and its shortcomings are getting more and more noticeable.

I’ll finish the game and I’ll write a review when I’m done.  But it’s starting to get a bit tedious for me.