I’m now done with Day 2.  So far I’m really liking this game and I’m remembering bits and pieces from when I played it years ago.  I’m not sure where I stopped playing but I know I haven’t reached it yet as everything feels very familiar.

I’ve now reached the point in the game where I can theoretically go to different places.  What’s cool about this is it gives me this neat 3D map that lets me choose where I want to go.  The downside is the only places I can really go are the police station and the next plot point.  I tried to go back to Carnegie Hall to mess around and there were guards blocking the entrance.  I’m a police officer dammit!  Let me pass!

There wasn’t much to do at the museum and the plot moved on to a park where Melissa/Eve was going to give a concert.  You’d think that after the last concert no one would show up but apparently people are really stupid.  The park was kinda cool as it had lots of winding paths and many battles.  I think Aya gained about 6 levels just from wandering around and fighting the creatures that spawned.  She has the ability to heal herself when her PE meter fills and she can run around and dodge attacks while her PE refills so basically I always have her at full health.  So far, combat is a breeze even with the occasional boss battle.

At the end of the park we ran into Eve again.  She summoned a carriage that was pulled by flaming horses (which was a really cool cutscene) and Aya and Eve fought while the carriage was flying down a seemingly endless street.  I just dodged her attacks and let her have it with my rifle and that took care of her.

After the battle she ran away but not before she transmitted something to Aya.  Aya then had more visions of some event (presumably from her past) involving a doctor and hospital beds.  I’m guessing that Aya has some of the magical mitochondria just like Melissa/Eve and that’s why she hasn’t been set on fire or melted like the rest of the people who encounter Eve.

The end of the day introduced a Japanese scientist who know something and he and Aya’s partner look after her as she recovers from her battle with Eve.  Aya is now level 14 as we move on to Day 3.