Day Three is now finished.  This was an odd chapter.  At the end of Day Two they had stumbled upon Maeda, a Japanese scientist who seems to know a lot about Eve and mitochondria.  Our group joined forces with Maeda to try to figure out what is going on.  Maeda needed equipment from a lab so it was off to the museum once we raided an abandoned ammo store and a pharmacy.

Once at the museum, Maeda was able to determine that Aya has the unusual ability to repel Eve’s mitochondrial assault.  How did Aya get this ability?  Hmm?

Once done there, it was back to the police station only to find that Eve had attacked the boys in blue.  Cops were down all over the place and Barret (err… um….I mean Daniel of course) discovers that his son has ran off in search of the police dog Sheeva.

As a side note, it seems that Square has some fixed ideas about black men.  Much like Barret, Daniel is loud, gruff and usually handles things by force.  At the ammo store he shoots the lock off the door, prompting Maeda to remark “Are you sure he’s a cop?”  Daniel also has a son and is effectively a single parent.  Swap his suit for a Mohawk and a machine gun attached to his arm and he could slip pretty easily into Barret’s shoes or vice-versa.

As Aya progressed through the station she eventually came to what was left of Sheeva.  In another thoroughly disgusting CG movie, we see Sheeva’s head split open and turn into some sort of nasty, three-headed Cerberus creature.

I beat Sheeva the first time after dying twice and being Revived by an item I was carrying each time.  I didn’t want to waste these Revives as I only had two of them so I tried Sheeva a second time and died once.  That still wasn’t satisfactory for me so on the third try I put poor Sheeva out of her misery without dying once.

And that brings me to my main complaint about fighting in Parasite Eve.  I hate the fact that they give you cramped quarters to fight sometimes three or four different enemies.  I’m not the most dexterous person out there and I spend most of the battles running from the enemies, waiting for my energy to recover so I can heal myself and try to get a few shots off when I can.

I really like turn-based battles.  They are a good match for my ham-hands and slow reflexes.