I’m done with Parasite Eve.  I haven’t finished the game but I’m definitely done with it.

I finished Day Four and was working on Day Five when I got to some creatures that I didn’t seem able to really harm.  They’d shoot fireballs that would circle around and burn me and some other creatures would poison me and I’d attack them and each shot would do maybe 5 or 6 points of damage instead of the 20-40 I’m used to doing.  I’ve gimped my rifle somehow and have no idea what I missed.

The one battle I died three times and used all my revives.  I could kill one with my PE attack that drains all my PE but then I have to wait for it to regenerate, meanwhile they’re killing me as I try to run away from them in the cramped battle area they give me.  It sucks.

And the story just doesn’t seem to be enough to prompt me to try to figure this out.  So at six hours in I’m considering Parasite Eve finished for me.

Not sure what I’ll write about next.  I’ve actually restarted Final Fantasy XII and am two hours into it.  Maybe I’ll write about that.