Since my last post I pretty much gave up on Star Ocean 2.  I had no interest in the story or the characters and it seemed like the first couple of hours were dialog after dialog.  I’ll eventually try Star Ocean 3.

So I moved on to the Playstation 2 and tried to play Tales of Legendia.  Wow that was a mistake.  Those are five hours of my life I will never get back.  I wanted to like it, and the combat system was quite fun but, again, the characters and story made me want to harm somebody.  I’m not sure if it was the singing bears or the completely irritating characters.  The protagonist had a sister who was so cutesy-smarmy that I kept wishing she’d be eaten alive by the singing bears.

Fresh from my irritation with Tales of Legendia I decided to try Grandia III.  I loved the first Grandia and hated what I played of Grandia 2 so this was a risky choice but so far I’m happy with it.  I’m about 12 hours into the game and, as always, the combat is simply awesome.  I want every RPG to have Grandia’s combat system.  Not only that, but the visuals are great for the PS2.

Downsides so far?  The story is merely okay.  The main character Yuki actually has his mother along for the early part of the journey but she’s left by the point where I’m at.  The other downside is the game is absolutely overflowing with cutscenes.  Xenosaga never seemed quite so oppressively loaded with cutscenes.  Maybe it’s because there was always something interesting happening in Xenosaga while Grandia III’s cutscenes are too long and relatively boring.

But I’m enjoying the game for the most part.  I’m far enough into it that I’m sure I’ll finish it.

For my next game I really need to play something different.  Maybe a Shin Megami Tensei game.