I got this idea in the last couple weeks that I wanted to explore some of my music in a more thorough way.  I have a lot of albums and many of them I have only listened to once or twice.  So here’s my plan.

I want to pick an album that I will be listening to over and over for a week.  I’d like to listen to the whole thing through once a day for at least five days of the week.  And I’d like to write about it at least once or twice as I go along.  If I can figure it out, I’d like to even put up a few tracks for people to sample but that will have to wait until I know what I’m doing.

I’m going to do it completely randomly as well.  Basically I’m going to hit shuffle on Windows Media Player and whatever album comes up first will be my album of the week.  This could be interesting as I have a lot of different types of music ranging from rock to classical, country to jazz and all kinds of stuff in between.