So my first random album of the week is Slaughter of the Soul by Swedish metal band At the Gates.  This came out in 1995, though I truly didn’t hear about it until a year ago and bought it shortly afterward.  I do tend to like harder music but I hadn’t really been exposed much to the more “extreme” forms of metal until I started listening to Opeth.  This is the only album I’ve ever heard by At the Gates.

And I really like it.

Which surprises me.  The music is incredible:  hard, fast, yet obviously well-written.  Songs that get stuck in my head.  But the problem I had initially were the vocals.  The lead singer (is that even an appropriate term?) screams out the lyrics and I feel sorry for the guy.  The wail at the beginning of “Nausea” makes the hair on my arms stand up.  I’d hate to pay his cough drop bill.